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December 6, 2004: Winter is a great time to sell your unwanted equipment or start looking for that new project you want to have on the rails next Spring.  Submit your list for the For Sale page today. Although there are no official business meetings during the winter months,  Ron Mitchell has opened the Corner Meeting House in Belmont, NH for informal get-togethers.  Please check the event page once-in-a-while to see if there might be one coming up. Did you go on a memorable motorcar ride in 2004?  Other members and enthusiasts would love to hear about it.  I would like to post the stories if you have one.


November 10, 2004: Jon Miner has a great web site of his motorcar activities.  See the photo page. The Bedford, NH Boomer Train Show was a lot of fun.  The weather was warmer than usual and we gave many rides on the 1/8 scale railroad, set up in the parking lot.  I pasted CVRTC literature all over the motorcar on the front lawn encouraging people without equipment to give us a try.  We always can use some extra hands.

Membership News

October 25, 2004: Membership renewal time will be here soon.  I will be working with Roy Friendberg to check the current membership roster with some old rosters so that we can boost membership.  If you have let your membership expire you have missed many new events that Chris Sylvester coordinated this year.  You will also be removed from the CVRTC news groups and mailings.  With completion of my Briarcliff Short Line 1 1/2" scale track, I will be adding more events to choose from in 2005.

Claremont & Concord Work Ride

October 18, 2004: Claremont & Concord work ride on October 26th and 30th.  See the event page. Are you a Cotton Valley member? Do you have a railroad or motorcar web page?  I would like to link your site to the member photo page.

MEC Fun Run

October 11, 2004: CVRTC member Arthur Hawkes has planned a Fun Run on the former Maine Central Mountain Division between East Hiram, Maine and Fryburg.  The event is open to CVRTC insured members.  Set on is at 7 AM.  See the event page and contact Art for more details.

Painting Party

September 26, 2004: A painting "party" will be held at the October meeting.  Members are requested to bring any light colored LATEX paint you might want to donate.  Long handled rollers are also requested.  Wear painting clothing!  The target of the painting is the inside of the engine house.

Upcoming Events

September 7, 2004: Chris Sylvester has been working hard to set up more events all year long.  See his latest events on the EVENT Page.  Chris is also working with more railroads at the present time.

Raffle, Mowing and Yard Sale

August 30, 2004: Winners of the raffle drawing will be posted as soon as I get a confirmed list of winners. Thanks to Franklin McDonald and the volunteers who helped move and identify obstacles, the Cotton Valley Trail has been mowed between RT 109 and RT 16. Thank you to those members who brought items to the yard sale.  A tidy sum was raised due to your efforts.

Get Your Raffle Tickets

July 25, 2004: Raffle tickets are available now.  Contact a CVRTC member to purchase raffle tickets for your chance to ride the rails.  Tickets are only one dollar each.  The winners do not need to be present at the drawing.  Drawing to be held following the monthly meeting on August 8th 2004 at the Fernald Station on Rt 109, just East of Wolfeboro, NH.


The Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club thanks each railroad for thier generosity in donating the tickets to help raise funds for the club's right-of-way equipment.  Click on the links to visit the web sites of each supporting railroad.

Meeting Notes

June 15, 2004: Ideal weather for monthly meeting. Approximately 26 members and guests showed up for last Sunday's monthly meeting at Fernald Station.  The weather could not have been better.  Here are some items discussed at the meeting. Past members encouraged to renew their membership.  The club is working hard to expand the number of CVRTC host railroads in southern New England.  Members who have been reluctant to travel to northern NH for motorcar events will have more local activities. Mowing of the Cotton Valley rail trail is about to begin.  Volunteers will be needed to mark obstructions and to clear the track ahead of the mower. Annual yard sale is set for the July 11th meeting.  Also on the 11th will be motorcar rides given to the public and replacement of switch stand timbers. Raffle tickets are being printed.  The tickets will sell for one dollar each and will include a chance to win train rides from around New England. Conway Scenic work-ride Saturday June 19th.  Call Wayne G. at 603-332-1422 for details. Motorcar insurance should be purchased by all CVRTC members who operate a motorcar.  On annual basis the fee is less than the fuel bill to attend one or two events.

South Shore Model Railroad Club

May 25, 2004: South Shore Model Railroad Club visits CVRTC and the Cotton Valley Trail. In observance of Mothers Day, the monthly meeting was held on May 16th instead of May 9th.  Following a well attended meeting, CVRTC members treated the model railroaders from the South Shore Model Railroad Club to a motor car tour along the Cotton Valley trail.  The motor cars departed Fernald Station in two groups, one headed West and another headed East. 

Trail Report

April 8, 2004: Roy Frendberg has another trail report on the trail news page. Do you have equipment for sale?  I will post motorcars that are for sale from any legitimate owner.  I will post wanted ads and accessory ads from CVRTC members only. 


April 3, 2004: The dates for the April and May membership meetings have been changed as follows: Meeting scheduled for April 11th has been moved to April 18th. Meeting scheduled for May 9th has been moved to May 16th. Long time CVRTC member, Roy Frendberg, has been elected to serve as CVRTC Membership Secretary.  Roy has been a steady supporter of our motorcar organization for ten years.   Bill Lee, CVRTC's youngest member, resigned as Membership Secretary at the end of the 2003 term to allow time for his career persuits.  Priorities first!  Thank you Bill for your service and good luck with your career. Additional changes have been made to CVRTC membership.  The membership form page has been updated to reflect the new mailing address.  The first dues increase also takes effect for 2004 memberships.  Annual dues are now $25.00 per year.

Trail Report

March 31, 2004: Roy Frendberg has set out a trail report for the Cotton Valley and Ossipee rails.  His report is located on the trail news page.

Ossipee Revitalization Project

March 5, 2004: Received from Paul Hatch...

I would personally like to thank all of the Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club members who attended tonight's meeting in Ossipee regarding the revitalization project of the Conway Branch. We had at more than a dozen members present out of a total of 70-75 citizens in attendance. Looking at the sign-in roster, we were very clearly the largest single contingent that was represented (more than any of the other "special interest" groups).

There was overwhelming support in favor of restoring the line from all of the speakers at tonight's meeting. The final report by the N.H. Department of Transportation won't be finished for presentation to the state legislature until June, so there is still time to voice your comments or questions to either Kit Morgan at NHDOT:
Rail &Transit     Room G25, JOM Building
7 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03302     Kit Morgan     (603) 271-2468
or to Senator Joe Kenney of Wakefield (who chairs the Transportation Committee).
Again, thanks to everyone who gave up their evening time to attend this meeting.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the CVRTC Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 14th at 10:00 AM in Belmont!


Paul Hatch
CVRTC Recording Secretary

Annual Meeting

February 20, 2004: Ballots and changes to the club's by-laws have been mailed out with the annual renewal notices.  Please return them promptly or bring them to the Annual Meeting on March 14, 2004.  The meeting will be held at the Corner Meeting House in Belmont, NH and will start at 10AM. (Directions:  I-93 north to exit 20 go straight onto route 140,  4 miles to Main Street.  Stop sign take right,  Go 200 feet, and take left onto Fuller Street at Town Hall.  Go to end of street and hall is on the right.  Parking is in front of police station.  Directions from 106.  Take left at lights onto 140. Go to stop sign and take a left onto Main Street.  Take a left onto Fuller Street.)

With the mailing Bill Lee has submitted his resignation.  Bill has been the club's membership secretary for over two years.  Bill, Thank You, for your service to the club.

A Day on the New England Southern

February 13, 2004: Bill sent me a story to post.  Enjoy.

Last Friday Peter asked if Ron and me could give him a hand going up to Quinn-t and drop off a couple of tank cars and pick up one empty. We volunteered and as usual we brought our chainsaw and his beautiful 16' extendable chainsaw (which takes two guys to operate it for any time) that he has bought to cut the limbs so that they don't hit any cars or his engine. The bulk of his line has been cut with Ron, Paul Hatch and any one else that Ron has been able to find. It is a back breaker and I tried to get the engineer to run it over busting Peters behind as usual. We have pretty much cut the entire line from Concord to Sargent Street and it looks great. The tracks were snowcovered with up to 8" of snow and we got stuck up at Sanduggetty Pond. Well we had to back up and get a run as we were going 5' at a time and then cutting the brush. Peter has to make sure that we don't miss one tree! It took us about two hours to finish the last of the cutting and by this time I was getting tired so I was happy to hear when Peter said we should proceed to Tilton as it was getting late. South of Sargent Street they had left two of his hoppers on the track to stop the snowmobiliers from going any further South. We pushed them onto the siding North of Sargent Street. We then dropped the two tankcars in the caboose village ( there's 22 now) and hooked onto two cabooses and a New York Pullman. We pulled them out of the siding and reconnected the two tank cars to the rear of the train. We then went North to the Lochmere Siding where the Engine ran around us and hooked up to the two tank cars in our procession and used them to pull out the empty tank car and connect it to our caboose train and push the two full tank cars into Quinn-t. "That should hold them for the winter" Peter said and he pulled us back to the Caboose Village. Ron and I got to ride in the Pullman. It was quite enjoyable after the cutting with that 16' extendable chainsaw. It was a fun day! Peter thanked us for all of the CVRTC's help this year.
Bill M.

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