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(November 13, 2011) This was the Club's last membership meeting of the year, and time to close up the enginehouse for the winter. The meeting was well attended, and several members brought their trackcars for a ride along the scenic Wolfeboro line, and as it appears in Roy's photo headed east to the Miss Wakefield diner. (JWM)

October Meeting

Apres meeting(October 9, 2011) Members enjoyed another day of warm Fall weather. After the membership meeting, several members headed out to enjoy a ride on the rails.  Anyone take pictures, or have a story to tell?(JWM)

NEGS / Hobo Workride

Laconia(October 8, 2011) Thirty-five years ago, Brian Carroll captured a picture of the Wolfboro Railroad's RS-3 #101 as it departed Laconia with several coaches. The depot still stands today, although the crossing gates are gone, and only a single track remains.

A total of five CVRTC members and guests patrolled the tracks from Tilton to Lakeport, clearing fallen trees from the line, opening up sight lines and pushing the underbrush back away from the tracks.  Unlike the rainy picture, the weather was hot and sunny, very unlike the typical October weather in New England!(JWM)

PS... be sure to visit the NERAIL Photo Archive for other classic scenes!

Silver Lake Railroad

Trackcars at
                Silver Lake(September 24, 2011) A warm summer day greeted Club members, and members from the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society at the Silver Lake Railroad in Madison, NH.  Russ' picture, to the left, shows the line of trackcars in front of the restored depot.  One of several static displayed engines is visable in the background.  We made three round trips over the former B&M tracks, and enjoyed a tasty cookout.(JWM)

September Meeting

Meeting Time(September 11, 2011) Roy reports that 20 members made it up to Fernald for the September Meeting.  After the meeting, members cleaned up around the enginehouse, and headed east to work on the beaver dams as water was up to the railheads again.

Stay tuned for information about the Club's upcoming rides.  As soon as we have information it will be announced here and on the Yahoo mailing list!(JWM)

Crawford Notch Ride Update

(September 5, 2011) As reported by several news sources, the Conway Scenic Railroad was hit by the recent tropical storm and the associated heavy rains. Our upcoming ride has been postponed. As soon as we have information to pass on the Membership, it will be posted on this website, and distributed via the Yahoo mailing list. We will hold a regular Membership Meeting at Fernald Station.(JWM)

New England Southern Work Ride

At caboose
                village(September 4, 2011) Five motorcars and 10 members and guests spent a hot day working on the White Mountain Branch. After setting on West Portsmouth Street, the group trimed under the I393 overpass, along the hotel curves, and at Delta Drive. At Canterbury Yard, the group met up with Pete, our host from New England Southern.  After felling several trees to improve access at the yard, the group continued to patrol to Sargent Street, and with permission from the Hobo Railroad, all the way to Caboose Village (pictured on the left).  Frank gave us a tour of the frieghthouse. On the return trip the group cleaned up several fallen trees in the Northfield Notch, improving clearances.  Expect another work ride before the next Caboose Train in mid-October. (JWM)

Busy Day

At the diner(Wolfeboro Line; August 23, 2011) It turned out to be a very busy day on the Wolfeboro Line.  All but two trackcars are pictured in this photo, taken at the Miss Wakefield Diner at the east end of the Wolfeboro Line.  On the far left is the mowing crew; they've been working hard to push back the brush. We arrived too early for lunch, but had a great breakfast before heading back west.  Some people rode all the way to Wolfeboro Falls, others headed up to run the Ossipee Line too.

A total of seven trackcars, and 15 people were out on the line.(JWM)

Into the Swamp...

Really.. in the swamp!(East of Fernald, NH; August 18, 2011) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang, well, maybe mostly Harry, got down to work in the swamp to clear the clogged cluverts.  Don worked from the downstream side with a long push stick.

In the photo, to the right of Harry, the culvert's header stone is visible, right below the water surface. They also found a fresh-water lobster, better known as a crayfish! (JWM)

August Meeting

Pre-run inspection(Fernald Station, NH; August 14, 2011) Today's meeting was well attended by both vetern club members and several new members who are eager to get involved with the hobby.  Several groups went out to work on the line, taking the tractor out on the low flatcar; while other members worked with hand tools to clear the sight lines around the first bridge to the east of Fernald.  And other members stayed after the meeting to start the mentoring process with our newest members.  To the left, Dick helps go over a trackcar with the owner before even starting the engine. (JWM)

New England Southern

Group Photo(Concord, NH; July 24, 2011) Sunday proved to be the cooler day of the weekend. Seven members and their guests, with five motorcars patrolled the White Mountain Branch.  The crew worked on clearing sight lines at several grade crossings and mileposts, as well as picking up some trash along the way.  The crew enjoyed lunch at the Dipsy Doodle in Northfield. Right before lunch, Ed took the picture with (left to right) Frank, Ron, Jim, Bob, Jon and Roy.  In the center of the picture is Frank's ex-Rutland putt-putt!(JWM)

Maine Central Mountain Division

MEC Mnt Div.At the Lake(Sebago Lake, ME; July 23, 2011) New England was in the middle of a multi-day heat wave, but that didn't deter Club members from patrolling the former Maine Central Mountain  Division. This line stretched from Portland, ME to St. Johnsbury, VT, conquering the grades through Crawford Notch to connect the Maine seacoast with lines from Canada. The State of Maine has purchased their segment of the line, and motorcat enthusiasts help maintain it, picking up trash and keeping the line clear. Russ says "It was great ride although a little hot." Russ also snapped the pictures, showing the group at the Sebago Lake boat launch.(JWM)

July Meeting

Any pictures?

Rainy Approaches

Working on the NH-109 crossing(Fernald Station, NH; June 23, 2011) Members of the Thursday Gang gathered under cloudy skies to work on the approaches to the NH-109 highway crossing.  This should make it easier to roll track equipment straight across. Russ' photo shows work on the west side of the road.

The end result will be that it will be easier to safely cross the highway, and allow CVRTC equipment to be used to maintain the west end of the line, between Fernald and Wolfeboro Falls.(JWM)

June Meeting

Digging for the culvert(Fernald Station, NH; June 12, 2011) Nearly thirty members and their guests assembled under damp skies for this month's meeting, held in the shelter of the Fernald enginehouse. Following the meeting, half the members headed east toward the beaver swamps to see if they could open up the culverts, lowering the water.  In one place, water and debris had covered the railhead. To the left, members work to dig up debris.

We remind all members to operate safely along the line, and carry a saw or clippers along with you.  Recent storms have brought down trees, and branches.  Please help out by taking the time to trim low hanging branches, especially those that will hit trackcars, or obstruct sight lines at mileposts and highway crossings.  Speaking of highway crossings... anyone know what the concrete posts with the "W" are? Those posts are "whistle posts", alerting engineers that it was time to sound the traditional long-long-short-long to alert motorists that a train was approaching a grade crossing. Although trackcars don't use their horns in this manner, the whistle post still serves as a great reminder that you're approaching a grade crossing.(JWM)

Hobo Trackcar Weekend

"Start your engines..."(Lincoln, NH; June 4, 2011) Nearly forty trackcars participated in this year's event, and our Club was well represented.  As Jessie's picture shows, it was bright sun on Saturday morning as the engines were started after the safety meeting.

A big "Thanks!" to the Hobo Railroad and the event coordinators for putting on the event.  Thanks should also be extended to all the operators, crews, and flaggers that made this a SAFE event for everyone!(JWM)

NEGS Excursion

Northfield Depot(East Concord, NH; May 22, 2011) Eleven members and their guests, with seven trackcars set-on under cloudy skies to take an excursion on the White Mountain Branch.  Although the entire week had been rainy, the forcasters were correct, saying that Sunday would just be "mostly cloudy", and it was a great day to be outside. To the left, the groups pauses at the Northfield Depot, now a private home, after triming the sight lines at Lambert Road.  Although Jon had told the group it was an excursion, they  still had a little bit of work to do to help out the host railroad. Jon thanks Peter, Bill, Diane, Jim, Dick, Ron, Hank, Marty, Norm, Jessie, and their guests for making this a safe and fun day.(JWM)

May Meeting

(Fernald Station, NH; May 15, 2011)  Busy day for club members, while the monthly meeting was held at Fernald Station, Harry and Norm were displaying their cars at the Hooksett Model Railroad Show and promoting the Club. Anyone take pictures?(JWM)

Time Ticks in the Swamp

Dinner at the Diner(Wakefield, NH; May 12, 2011) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang made their way through the beaver swamps, once again having to clear dam debris from the rails.

It's that time of year when the ticks come out as well, and recent research seems to indicate that the ticks like our orange Cotton Valley shirts, and Old Spice aftershave.  Whether you're on the rails, or working outside elsewhere, be aware that the ticks are out! For more information, read the following report from State of New Hampshire.

Monthly meeting is this weekend!(JWM)

Canterbury Tales

Lunch Break(Canterbury, NH; May 1, 2011) From left to right in Jon's photo, Edward, Jim, Ron, Diane and Dave enjoy an early lunch in the mid-moring sunshine. 

The group seton at 8am in East Concord and spent the morning helping clear the White Mountain Branch as far north as Canterbury yard.  This line is owned by State of New Hampshire, and operated by the New England Southern Railroad.   The group made a half-dozen stops along the line to clear trees from the tracks, and cut several "leaners"; trees that hung over far enough to hit the locomotive or rolling stock.

All the motorcars ran smoothly, and the group reports a safe, uneventful day.  Even the turkey that was wandering on the right of way found a hole in the fence and avoided becoming lunch.  By noon-time all the motorcars were on their trailers, headed home, and our NORAC Form D was cancelled. Jon is looking forward to being able to schedule more events with the railroad. (JWM)

Open to the Diner

Through the swamp(East of Fernald; April 28, 2011) Russ reports that the line is open from Fernald Station to the Miss Wakefield Diner. Russ, Norm, Arthur, and the guy in the picture (name?) cleared the tracks.  They brought Fritz along, but he wasn't much help.

The new culvert survived the winter, and nothing is lodged in it. (JWM)

April Membership Meeting

Wrench(Fernald Station; April 17, 2011) Nearly two dozen members attended our first meeting in Wolfeboro.  The meeting opened with Ron being presented a bright yellow track wrench from Harry. (The webmaster assumes that the bright color will make it easier to find while doing track work) After the meeting members cleaned up the enginehouse and hung the Club's sign back up.  There was still snow and ice covering the line east of Fernald.

If you're out on the line, please let other members know.  We're looking forward to seeing some trackcars out on the line at our May meeting, being held on the Sunday after Mothers' Day.(JWM)

Annual Business Meeting

(Feb 27, 2011) Club President Ron Mitchell reports that on March 13th we will be having our meeting. The meeting will be held in Belmont @ the Corner Meeting House at the end of Fuller Street at 10:00am. Come I-93 exit 20 to Route 140. 5 miles to stop sign at Main Street, Right and then left onto Fuller Street. It is our annual business meeting with election of officers and agenda for the year. Walt Stapelton will have an insurance representative there to answer any insurance questions. In case of any storms, we will have the meeting the following Sunday, March 20th. Hope to see you all there. (JWM)

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