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One last ride...

(November 22, 2009) Members took one last ride on the White Mountain Branch before contemplating wrapping their cars with tarps, or sticking them in the garage for the winter.  The day started with a Form D at Sargent Street and we headed south to the gas plant, where we loaded "a couple" of tie plates up onto a flatcar.  Maybe more than a couple... we were having so much fun being outside, that we lost count.  After that, we proceeded down to our limits at MP C13, where we met up with the NEGS track crew.  After working along side them helping to distribute ballast, we headed back north.  Jon cancelled the Form D at 1306h, and everyone headed off to enjoy the rest of this surprizingly nice fall day.  Thanks to Frank, Pete, Hank, and Hal! (JWM)

Clearing the Causeway

(November 18, 2009) The Thursday Gang took advantage of the nice weather to get out and cleanup up some brush on the causeways.  Must be nice to be retired! (JWM)

Heavy Cutting

(November 15, 2009) Ron, Roy, Don, Hank, Pete, Frank, Ed, Dave and Jon took advantage of the good weather to do some heavy cutting for New England Southern.  Jon went through more than a tankfull of gas in the chainsaw! To the right, the crew has just finished looking out over the cornfields at the "Outlook"; an old semaphore mast is visible on the right. As the year draws to an end, we're looking forward to a final excursion next weekend. (JWM)

November Meeting

(November 8, 2009) Members gathered for the last time this year, closing up the enginehouse for the winter.  With the flag at half-staff, in honor of Harvey Simonds, the crew posed at  Fernald Station.  Hank took the picture. Scrolling down through the year, we've accomplished a lot, enjoyed some great times on the rails, and most importantly had a very safe year. (JWM)

Ossippee Work Ride (part 2)

(November 7, 2009) Club members joined up with the local snowmobile club to repair washouts at several culverts along the Ossippee line. Cooperation like this ensures that the line can be used by multiple recreation groups during the year. To the right, Hank's photo catches the crew at work. (JWM)

In Memorial

(November 8, 2009) It is with deep sadness to have to inform all of you of the passing away of Harvey Simonds.  He passed away last night in Lincoln, N.H. of a massive heart attack. He had just spent the day on the NERCA/NARCOA Snowflake run from Concord to Lincoln.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the Simonds family.  (JWM)

Ossippe Work Ride

(November 5, 2009) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang got on on the Ossippee Line and found that the local beaver population had been hard at work trying to plug up the culverts.  Left unchecked, the beavers would cause the culvert to fail, washing out the railroad bed.  To the right, the crew removes the sticks from the culvert. (JWM)

Culvert Repair

(October 29, 2009) To the left, Russ snapped a picture of the Thursday Gang working on a culvert in Wakefield. Keeping the spirit of the railroad worker alive is just as important as restoring historic railroad vehicles. (JWM)

Downeast Excursion

(October 24-25, 2009)  Club memebers traveled up to Maine for two days of railroading on the Downeast Scenic Railroad and the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad.  To the left, Hank's picture show several cars under an overcast sky. (JWM)

October Meeting

(October 11, 2009) A crisp fall day greeted members at Fernald Station for the monthly meeting. Nearly a dozen motorcars were on the rails... and nearly two dozen members and guests were in attendance. With such a great attendance, if was difficult to get everyone in the same picture! After the meeting, members headed out on the line to enjoy the brillant fall foliage. Upon returning to the enginehouse; the grill was fired up and Harry grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  Soda, chips and brownies provided a balanced meal.
The Club has one more meeting planned for next month, and several excursions and work rides planned.  Stay tuned, and check the events page often! (JWM)

New England Southern Work Ride

(October 4, 2009) Frank, Roy, Jon, and Dave and Ed spent the day cutting brush, improving sight lines on curves and around grade crossings. Despite a weather forcast that called for rain in the afternoon, they were treated by blue skies all day.  To the left, Roy and Frank are surounded by the fall foliage. (JWM)

Mountain Division Foliage Excursion

(October 3, 2009)  Russ reports here were only five cars, but it's been said "real railroad men are tough, we work in the rain". The crossings we had to dig out were not too bad because they were mostly muddy instead of hard as a rock.This was Russ' first time on this run and he and his wife enjoyed it. He says "the tuna subs at The Whistle Stop are delicious."

It kind of drizzled all day, The hard rain began as they loaded up. To the right, the trackcars stop along a paved bike trail. (JWM)

Mowing the White Mountain Branch

(October 1, 2009) The Thursday Gang got together and headed down to Concord to mow a section of the line in advance of trackwork. To the left, the crew heads north from Canterbury. (JWM)

Conway Scenic Railroad's Railfan Day

(September 19, 2009) Every year the Conway Scenic Railroad gears up for Railfan Day, a chance to see some stuff that isn't usually running, complete with mixed frieght trains and photo runbys. To the right,  Russ and Dave give motorcar rides on the team track. (JWM)


(September 14, 2009) Dave reports that despite some heavy rains, CVRTC members spent an enjoyable weekend on the NERCA Cape Cod Run. "While the weather on Saturday started out OK, we had intermittent rain in the afternoon, turning to a full fledged down pour."  The area got over seven inches of rain that evening. Sunday started out overcast but turn out to be a bright sunny day. To the left, the group poses for a picture. (JWM)

Glory Days of the Railroad

(September 10, 2009) Ron is looking for a few more cars to give rides on Saturday September 12th for Glory Days, White River Junction, Vermont. The gates open at 9:00am for the putt putt's, but you don't need to be there before that. Bill McKenney and myself will be there. Visit the Glory Days Festival site for more information.

Reminder, Sunday is meeting day at Fernald Station. We would like to get the trim on the station painted before cold weather.

Just a note, Dave, Gordy and Bill Lee did a great job organizing and running Sunday's excursion.

Conway Scenic Railroad Excursion

(September 6, 2009)  A blue sky and comfortable temperatures greeted CVRTC members and their guests at the Redstone seton location.  After getting twenty motorcars on the track, and a Safety Briefing from Conway Scenic Railroad's Paul Hallet, the group departed west for Mountain Junction; the former junction between the Maine Central Mountain Division and the Boston and Maine Railroad's Conway Branch.  Clear of the switch, the group backed timetable-east to the North Conway Station, and a restroom break.  Departing timetable-west, the group headed toward Intervale, Glen and Bartlett... then on to challenge the grade at Notchland, over the tressels, and through the Gateway to Crawford station; now restored as a visitors center.  Lunch was taken at Faybans, then the trip was completed to the derail at MP101.  On the right, Edward takes a picture of most of the cars at the former Mount Willard section house, just above Willey Brook, as they stopped on the return trip. (JWM)

Concord Model Railroad Show

(August 23, 2009) Pete and Dick joined Jon to exhibit trackcars outside the Everett Arena in Concord during the Concord Model Railroad Club's 24th annual show. Hank, Jessie and Ian all stopped by too. (JWM)

Silver Lake Railroad

(August 15, 2009) Club members met up with peers from the Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society for a joint meeting hosted by the Silver Lake Railroad. To the right, Russ' photo captures the hungry crowd at lunch, while the motorcars sit on the siding for a meet with the regular excursion train. Sixteen members offered rides to the Society members, and two round trips were scheduled. Based on the two group's enthusiasm this will be an annual event. (JWM)

August Meeting

(August 9, 2009) Ron says "we have a meeting this Sunday at Fernald Station at 10:00am. I can't wait to see you all again. I was extremely pleased to hear how great the open house, the Conway Scenic and the Potter Place events went. Certainly makes me feel proud to be associated with such a wonderful group of folks. That is what a club is, everybody pulling together, to make the club one of the best in the country."

No work has been planned for this weekend, everyone can just bring their cars and have a good time. At the end of line, several members pose with their cars, while others grab lunch at the diner. (JWM)

Thursday Gang at Silver Lake

(August 8, 2009) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang went to Silver Lake on Friday to mow and fix the bridge down near the Coleman company.

Dave brought his MT-14 and Russ hauled the mower on his trailer. Don and Norman came along and Gene showed up later. Bruce brought the materials to lay some "rails" over the bridge. The line has been mowed all the way down to where the rails disappear under the earth next to Coleman. (JWM)

Rail Reports

(August 3, 2009) Jesse reports after riding on the Wolfeboro and Ossipee lines today that  both were clear minus some tree cutting.  The culvert repair in Archers Marsh from last year has washed out. Peter and Jesse tested Peter's M19 on both lines today with great sucess. To the left, Peter's car sits by the washout during some dam breaking. (JWM)

Potter Place

(August 2, 2009) Roy, Tom, Bill and Jon spent three enjoyable hours giving rides to eager vistors at the Andover Historical Society's annual Olde Time Fair. Frank, James and Missy helped out with crowd control and crossing protection. To the right, Roy talks to a visitor, recalling that he was on the last passenger train in 1965. The display within the restored depot adds that the 1976 Freedom Train was the last train to stop at the depot. (JWM)

Thursday Gang

(July 23, 2009) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang met two new Club members at Fernald. Stacey and Dennis (?) made the run out to the Diner. The group stopped on the way back to clear out debris from under the rails  at one of the washed out culverts. With all the rain we've had in the New Hampshire, maintaining proper drainage is an important issue for us, and other railroads in the State.  To the left, in Russ' picture, the Gang watches the water flow under the rails. (JWM)

New England Southern Work Ride

(July 18, 2009) Jon, Edward, Frank and Dick spent several hours in the morning clearing brush in advance of NEGS trackwork. After the cutting was done, they patrolled the White Mountain branch, eating lunch at Sargent Street. To the left, Jon takes a break from running the chain saw..from left to right we see Frank's ex-Rutland trackcar, Dick's ex-B&M M-19, and Jon's MT-14. (JWM)

Open House

(July 12, 2009) This years Open House was a success. With 13 motorcars, CVRTC members gave rides to 293 people. Ian reports that the weather was great, and fun was had by all. Dottie's picture, to the left, shows a crowd of interested visitors looking at a variety of motorcars. (JWM)

Thomas The Tank Engine

(July 10-12 & 17-19, 2009) CVRTC members volunteered their time and motorcars to give rides to the public as part of the Conway Scenic Railroad's first of two weekends with "Thomas The Tank Engine". Thanks to everyone involved! (JWM)

Mowing the Line

(July 9, 2009) Russ reports that he, his son Mike, Don, Dave, Norm, and Gene got together to mow the line, and clear out clossings in preparation for the Club's Open House. To the left, the crew prepares the mower deck before heading West toward Wolfeboro Falls. (JWM)

Clean Sweep

(June 27-28, 2009) The day started with a hardy breakfast in East Baldwin, and after the Safety meeting CVRTC and Bus Club members headed west toward Fryburg on the former Maine Central Mountain Division. Progress was slowed by the numerous paved-over crossings. After a lunch break at the State Line, the group returned east, picking up trash along the Right-Of-Way. Besides the usual cans and bottles... we collected an old milk can, broken rails, and at least one old TV. To the left, our group posed for a picture before dinner with the trash filled lorry car. We all learned to cook "Hobo Burgers" for dinner.

On Sunday, the group headed east. Hank provided a picture of the group inching the lorry car and caboose across one of the paved over crossings.

A big THANKS to Harvey and Bill for organizing this meet; a big THANKS to the bus club members who hosted us; and to the Whistle Stop store for their parking lot. (JWM)

Thursday Gang

(June 25, 2009) Russ reports that the Thursday Gang made it out on the rails with the new mower deck. Pictured is Dave's MT-14 towing the mower along the siding at Cotton Valley. (JWM)

Ready To Mow

(June 20, 2009) Dave reports that the Club's new mower deck has been fitted to the old mower frame. Don and Norm helped with the modifications on Wednesday, and then the Thursday Gang from Fernald's to Miss Wakefield and back.  The mower did a great job.

Members are cautioned to please NOT use the mower until they get a chance to fit a skid plate, so it will ride up if it hits something. (JWM)

June Meeting

(June 14, 2009) Club members gather at Fernald Station under grey and rainy skies.  Dick and his grandkids, Jon, and Harvey and Bill ventured eastbound before the meeting to inspect the line and check culverts.
After the meeting members helped to put the station back in order, and rearranged the equipment stored in the enginehouse. To the right, Dick's picture shows the three trackcars after their return to Fernald. (JWM)

Hobo Trackcar Run

(June 6 - 7, 2009) This was the 21st Annual Hobo Trackcar Run.  The published roster showed 52 cars... and many of those were CVRTC members.  It was two days of smooth track and good weather. Saturday involved running from Lincoln to Weirs Beach, and back.  Sunday started with a trip south into Tilton, almost to Caboose Village.  Then it was north to Weirs Beach and back. James took this picture of Frank and Carolyn as they coasted into Ashland Station. (JWM)

Shake-down Day

(June 5, 2009) The CVRTC opened up the Fernald Enginehouse and Wolfeboro line to visitors for a pre-Hobo "Shakedown Day".  Visitors were impressed, and two new members joined the club. Dick took this photo of one of Harvey and Bill's MT-14 diesel trackcar.  Seeing the Club's new grill makes me think that our Open House isn't too far away! (JWM)

NEGS Work Ride

(May 31, 2009)  Jon, Frank, Roy, Brian and Dick seton in East Concord and patrolled the White Mountain Branch. Several trees were cleared from the track, along with some brush from recent tree trimming operations. (JWM)

Maine Central Work Ride

(May 30. 2009)  Several CVRTC members seton the Mountain Division for a track patrol. (JWM)

May Meeting

(May 17, 2009) Keeping a careful eye on the weather, CVRTC members prepared to repaint the Fernald station. After a brief meeting, members helped to clean up around the station and enginehouse. A new coat of beige paint was applied to the station interior, and a fresh coat of red paint was applied to the exterior. (JWM)

Wakefield Pride Day

(May 16, 2009) Ian reports, "All in all we had a pretty good day in Wakefield on Saturday. The rain held off all day and we were able to haul just over 300 passengers and take in $82 in donations.

We were able to test out a new "ticket" system to determine that riders had signed a release. "Brakemen" punched the riders tickets before boarding. The system worked out amazingly well. Thanks to Bill C for the idea."

Thanks to Ian, Dick, Bill, Dave, and Harvey for all the work they did representing the Club! (JWM)

New England Southern Railroad

(April 26, 2009) Nearly a dozen CVRTC members assembled in Concord, NH to help apply a fresh coat of paint on the NEGS 2370, an ex-UP GP39-2. The locomotive had been pressure washed the day before. Preparation continued on Sunday morning, when members used grinders, sanders and wire brushes to remove more loose paint. Windows, doors, and lights were masked off, and a fresh coat of "Flame Yellow" was applied. The locomotive had last been painted by the UP eighteen years ago! A big THANKS goes out to Paul H, Pete L, Harvey S, Bill C, Roy F, Jessie M, Jon M, and Ian H. (JWM)

Hooksett Show

Hookset Show(April 19, 2009) While most members were at the meeting, Norm and Harry were attending the Hooksett Lions' Club Railroad Show. They had their trackcars on display in the parking lot, outside the main entrance. (JWM)

April Meeting

Fernald Station(April 19, 2009)  A brisk sunny day greeted members when they arrived at Fernald Station for the first regular meeting of the year. At least eight members brought motorcars to the meeting, to the left, Jessie's MT-19 poses with a fresh coat of paint in front of Fernald Station.

Next month, weather permitting, the station will be getting it's own fresh coat of paint.

After the meeting, members headed out to patrol the lines, clearing trees, beaver dams, and cleaning the grade crossings. (JWM)

Annual Business Meeting

(March 8, 2009) The second Sunday morning in March brought the CVRTC members together at the Corner Meeting House in Belmont to start the 2009 season with the Annual meeting and the election of Officers and Directors for the coming year. Plenty of coffee and donuts got the day off to a great start, and good conversation fired up our enthusiasim for the plans, events and activities that we can look forward to in 2009. As always, it was great to see and talk with everyone again after 3 months of winter inactivity. All we need now is enough warm weather to melt the hard packed snow and ice off "our" rails before the April meeting in Wolfeboro. (JWM)

Happy New Year!

(Feb 12, 2009) Dave supplied this winter picture of Fernald Station and the Enginehouse. (JWM)

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