Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club, Inc.

Established in 1992
NARCOA Affiliate Club since 2014

LEGAL NOTICE: Operation of railway equipment, including motorcars, is governed by Federal, State and Railroad authorities. All rail property is owned by someone.  Operation of any equipment on or around railroad property is only permitted with permission of the property owner or leasor.  CVRTC will assist local, State, and Federal authorities in prosecuting illegal operators of railway equipment.  Railway motorcar organizations now exist in most parts of the world.  Please contact one of your local organizations.  They have access to rail property, equipment information and SAFETY information.  They are always looking to promote the hobby/sport and would love to have your help.

The Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club is an association of railway motorcar enthusiasts dedicated to preserving motorcar history and right-of-way maintenance through active operation and stewardship.
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Flooding east of Cotton Valley

(May 3, 2020)

On Sunday CVRTC in union with the Cotton Valley Trail Committee (CVTC) addressed the trail flooding east of Cotton Valley. PVC pipe was installed in a manner that will hopefully foil the efforts of the local beaver population. The objectives were to provide enough water to support the beavers and other wildlife it attracts but in a controlled manner to preserve the rail bed from flooding and erosion. Water was over the railhead during the past week until trail volunteers cleared the debris from the culvert areas. The fury civil engineers were busy with their nocturnal repairs after each cleaning. The groups will monitor the new installation to gauge effectiveness, water levels and consider modifications or improvements if needed.


CVRTC - Teleconference Test

(March 29, 2020)

A few club members gathered in an impromptu teleconference meeting today. The effort was to test if the club could use this method to conduct some business during the governors request to stay at home until 4 May during the virus outbreak. The Board of Directors will test this a bit more and decide if they might want to use it in place of our April meeting which has been cancelled. It seemed to be a great way for the BOD to get together and accomplish some tasks that do not require presence at Fernald. Jesse Mazzie photo.


NOTICE: Business Meeting in Tilton has been Cancelled

(March 17, 2020)

The Board of Directors in cooperation with State of New Hampshire health authorities have cancelled the business meeting that was to be held at the Tilton Freight House. At this time, the BOD will schedule the annual business meeting on the club's regular April meeting at Fernald. If there are improvements in the health event and restrictions on gatherings are lifted to allow such an activity we will next meet on Saturday, 18 April. We hope all members stay healthy and safe.


Looking for Spring at Fernald

(March 2, 2020)

Spring is coming! Don't forget to mark your calendar for the annual season opener CVRTC Business Meeting on 28 March. Check the Events page for details on the where and when! (Bruce Stuart photo from early February)


Board of Directors Meeting

(February 29, 2020)

A Leap Year BOD meeting was held at Vice President Jesse Mazzie's home this year. The four hour meeting covered a lot of ground. Decisions about family membership, operation and capital expenditures were covered. Some of these changes are reflected in a new version of the by-laws. The Directors are prepared to explain the results at the Annual Business Meeting on 28 March. Please see the Events page for details on the where and when of this important CVRTC meeting.


Winter Motorcar Time - The members have been busy

Left to right, Scott's Nathan, Bruce's A5,James' new truck, Pauls trip to NC, Toby's M19 hibernating!

(February 4, 2020)

As we wait for season opener CVRTC Business Meeting on 28 March, some of our members have tackled a few projects on their motorcars. Some have focused on trailers or their tow vehicles. Bruce and James have acquired new trucks to help get their motorcars to Fernald or our host railroads. Bruce has also acquired a Fairmont A5. Scott has set his sights on a Nathan air horn project for his MT-14. Tony found his brake parts. Paul R has traveled to North Carolina to ride in the warmer weather on the Red Springs and Northern RR. Sean has improved his Woodings seating height and angle and added some new lighting. Some members are still hibernating!


In Memorial

(January 18, 2020)

A message from the club president, Bruce Stuart:

It is with sadness that I bring news of a members passing. Arthur Hawkes received an "All Aboard" early this morning and departed Fernald for the final time. I stopped in and spoke with Arthur and Brenda this past week. Artie reminisced of his time with Cotton Valley, the friendships he made and great times he had shared. Artie's membership spanned twenty years. He spoke of his first ride with Norman and how much he had enjoyed the experience. He also told me how much he missed being able to come over to the Wolfeboro and share an afternoons worth of work with the crew. Arthur worked closely with and established a good working relationship with Maine DOT. This effort allowed club members to ride the rails on the former MEC Mountain Division between E Hiram and Fryeburg. The first run took place in 2004 and was an event club members always looked forward to. When the club was transforming the Gandy into a mower for the Wolfeboro line, Artie stepped up and donated a brand new Jacobson top of the line flail head. This donation was very much appreciated by all. Artie's conversation and mechanical knowledge will be missed by all of us. He wanted me to convey to all the members that he will truly miss all that the club represents. Friendships, camaraderie, club cookouts and gatherings, ridding the rails and keeping the line alive. Art asked me to tell everyone he sends a big hello and to say thanks for the good times had and the memories he held close. You will be missed Artie. (BDS)

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