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Established in 1992
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LEGAL NOTICE: Operation of railway equipment, including motorcars, is governed by Federal, State and Railroad authorities. All rail property is owned by someone.  Operation of any equipment on or around railroad property is only permitted with permission of the property owner or leasor.  CVRTC will assist local, State, and Federal authorities in prosecuting illegal operators of railway equipment. 

The Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club is an association of railway motorcar enthusiasts dedicated to preserving motorcar history and right-of-way maintenance through active operation and stewardship.
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In Memorial

(November 15, 2021) A message from club President Bruce Stuart: Members, I just received a call from Leroy letting me know that long time member Arthur "Arti" Wiggins has passed away. Art has been with the club for many, many years and was a staple at our meetings until the past year or two due to ongoing health issues. Whenever we would have a function that would entail giving rides, he would always ask if I needed some weight over the drive's on the A-Car for some additional "tractive effort". The air horns on the front of the A-Car came off his plow truck from when he worked for the State crew. Art will be missed. I have no information regarding a service, but will have a card for members to sign at Saturdays meeting. Thank you. Bruce (Art in Center, D. Kotsonis photo). (BDS)

CVRTC Work Ride on the P&L - Ashland

(August 29, 2021)

Jon Miner reports another safe, fun and productive day on the rails. Thanks to Ron, Chris & Amy, and Scott and Kathleen for joining me. We patrolled from Bridgewater to Meredith, stopping at the Ashland Depot (photo at left) for lunch on the return trip. We collected three bags of trash, as well as opening up sightlines at the crossings. The foliage trains will start soon.

(J Miner)


CVRTC Open House Was A Huge Success

(August 21, 2021)

A Note from Open House Organizer Scott Fuller: I want to thank everyone that played a part in making it happen. Our NARCOA EC Tom Sopchak and his wife Terry had, I believe the longest drive, to get to Wolfeboro and without their willingness to do so, the event would not have been able to take place. We had eight motorcars giving rides, nine operators and Gator at the grade crossing flagging. There were more who covered registrations, sales of T-shirts and hats, helping with loading and unloading passengers and a number of other jobs that allowed the day to go smoothly.

Thank you to each and every one of you, it was a team effort that made the day an enjoyable success.

We had exactly 120 people from the public that registered and took a ride. Many of them rode at least two or three times! The weather cooperated for the most part with just one fifteen minute period of rain around noon time, but even the passengers on the open cars didn't seem to be bothered from getting a little wet. A lot of happy and smiling people were introduced to this hobby that we all enjoy.

(C Davis, R Libby photos)


Club Efforts on the Ossipee Line

(July 31-August 9, 2021)

There has been a lot of activity on the recovered section of the Ossipee line over the past several weeks since its rescue. The trail needed maintenance before any mowing could occur as its been idle for several years. Every ride since has been a work ride of some level given the needed brush clearing, beaver activity and obstacle removal for the mowing. Thank you to all the CVRTC members who have contributed to this effort.

(S Fuller, B Stuart photos)


Polly's Crossing is open!

(July 22, 2021)

Note from CVRTC President, Bruce Stuart: A hard road traveled! Polly's Crossing is completed! We will do our part to keep all parties happy and show our good faith. Perseverance got us here. Please get out and ride the line. A mowing date for this previously inaccessible section will be announced. Thank you to Jon M. for cleaning up the mile posts and setting about to get them painted. I like the idea of a September meeting there.

(B Stuart photos)


July Meeting in Center Ossipee on the Conway Branch

(July 17, 2021)

Note from CVRTC President, Bruce Stuart: For what was projected as a rainy Saturday, CVRTC members had a fairly rain free window for most of the event. Twenty-eight members and eight cars attended the meeting. Rides on both the North and South side took place. Rain caught up with us by the end of the day, but all and all a super day for all involved. The Mountainview Station Restaurant and staff furnished us with a great lunch stop as well as the folks at the Sap House Meadery for an end of day place to relax. The Center Ossipee downtown area with all its turn of the century accoutrements, provides us with a quintessential feeling of a railroad town. We will be working on some improvements making it a little more railcar friendly when unloading. Great to see some new members enjoying the day and a good turn out for the meeting itself. Thanks everyone for making the time. Regards, Bruce.

(S McInerney photos)


North on the P&L

(July 11, 2021)

Patrol Report from Jon Miner: The hardest working track crew in NH was at it again, patrolling in central New Hampshire. We found a large oak down just inside the Plymouth yard limits. We picked up trash, cleared brush at bridge approaches, and painted switch targets. Thanks to Scott & John, Hank & Gary, and Ron! Another safe and enjoyable day on the rails.

(J Miner,S Fuller photos)


First Mowing for the year on the Conway Branch

(June 25, 2021)

Patrol Report from Jon Miner: A long day mowing on the Ossipee line for Bruce and I. We seton at 6AM and wrapped up at 5PM. In between we cleared and mowed both sides from Polly's Crossing to Route 16. There is manual cutting needed at the northwest quadrant of the Mountainview crossing for approximately 200ft to the north. We managed to collect two bags of trash.The line is in great shape. Get out and ride, keep your wheels shiny.

(J Miner photos)


Workride for the P&L

(June 12, 2021)

Patrol Report from Jon Miner: We had four trackcars today with a total of six members and guests. We covered about 15 miles while clearing crossing flangeways and improving the ROW sight lines. The weather was very good weather and it was a safe day. Many thanks to Brad, Ron, Chris, Scott and Johnny.

(J. Miner photo)


Ramp west of Fernald is complete!

(June 10, 2021)

President Bruce Stuart and Safety Chair Scott Fuller hatched a plan to keep the improvements to the west end coming. After Bruce had secured the steel via donations and delivered it to the work site, Scott arrived on Thursday morning with a trailer full of tools and they built the long planned "fix" for the steep incline to the Governor Wentworth Highway when headed east. They even managed to encompass some pieces of the old Wolfeborough Railroad engine 250 by utilizing some of the discarded boiler tubes out by the engine house. A few were cut up for spacers and gauge rods. Another load of gravel to finish the job should arrive this week.

(S. Fuller, B. Stuart photos)


Saturday spent patroling the Plymouth and Lincoln Railroad

(May 22, 2021)

Patrol Report from Jon Miner: Good day on the White Mountain branch patroling for the Plymouth and Lincoln Railroad. The crew did some cutting but mainly clearing flangeways in the crossings after the winter road sanding. Many thanks to Chris and Amy, Ted, Scott and Ron. The photo was taken after turning at Silver Lake Road.

(J. Miner photo)


Annual Business Meeting held at Fernald

(May 15, 2021)

Summary of minutes from the Secretary J Chadbourne: The business meeting came to order with a moment of silence for Peter Armitage who passed recently. Ballots were distributed to all members. The Treasurers report was read and accepted by the membership. After the votes were tallied Kathleen Fuller took her new position as Treasurer and the BOD thanked outgoing Treasurer Dave Kotsonis for his many years in that position. With the recent Wolfeborough memorabilia gift to the club by Rick Libby an Archive Committee was established to catalog and organize the content. Some of it for display in the recently renovated interior of Fernald Station. Scott Fuller was appointed as Safety Committee Chair and will lead the committee in updating the mentoring process. After discussion of some pending maintenance projects and the Trailmaster's Report the meeting adjourned at 11:23. There was a large contingent of cars at the May meeting and many members rode out to Rt 16 afterward.

(J. Mazzie photo)


Board of Directors Zoom Meeting

(May 12, 2021)

The BOD met via a Zoom meeting on Wednesday evening. Topics covered were enabling members to renew memberships on-line via the clubs website, Fernald Station's roof repair, painting the west end of the engine house, addressing the gravel between the rails over the causeways on the west end as well as many other minor items. Discussions helped frame up the agenda for the Annual membership wide Business Meeting to be held on Saturday 15 May.


2021 Trail Work Has Begun!

(April 10, 2021)

Patrol Report from VP Jesse Mazzie: It was a perfect 75+ degree day!!! Ron M. headed east followed by Jesse. Minor work at the crossings and small branches moved by Ron. We came across a cluster of large pine trees down beyond Clark Road. We cleared some of the smaller trees but we could not safely cut the large trees because we can not see if there is anyone walking on the trail from where we need to cut. We need a work party to safely accomplish that next weekend (Saturday 17 April) Heading back we met up with Hayden and patrolled west to Whitten neck cutting a downed tree and moving some light deadfall. Once cleard we headed on to Whitten neck and returned.

(J. Mazzie photo)


Fernald Work Continues

(March 28, 2021)

From President Bruce Stuart: I want to convey a much deserved thanks to Scott and Kathy Fuller. I mentioned in a text that I was going to head over to Fernald and cover the roof with a tarp to prevent any damage to the interior. It was Kathy who insisted her and Scott make a trip north to get the station roof "safely" tarped using multiple hands opposed to one pair. We met at 10:00 AM and Scott laid out a plan. Two and a half hours later at the start of a steady rain, mission accomplished. I cannot thank the two of them enough with the help on a Sunday morning. While making this repair, we were able to take a good look at both gable end overhangs. Before the new shingles can go on, we will have to correct some previous work that was performed when the building was converted from an engine house for #9 to the present station.

(K. Fuller photo)


Fernald Station Gets Some Attention

(February 23, 2021)

Some work has begun to improve the interior of Fernald Station. Club members have volunteered some time to give the interior of Fernald Station a rehab. The floor was sanded to remove the floor tile adhesive. Then the walls and ceiling were smoothed and patched with nearly five gallons of compound. The sanding has begun. This will be followed with paint on the walls and floor and urethane on the woodwork. Meanwhile other club members are working on a grant to replace the roof on Fernald AND the engine house. There are BOD plans in the works to have an exterior paint party this season for both structures. Left, Scott F is seen using the power sander. The motorcar season in New England is almost here!

(S. McInerney photo)


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